My Sending “Wall”

This CW thing is curious.  My sending seems to have gone to pieces, and it seems to happen mid-QSO.   So this is what I see:  I get part-way through a QSO fine, then make a couple of errors, and the nerves mount and my sending goes to bits like I’m unable to put a single word together without the errors accumulating.   Same for straight key and paddle.  Ugh.  I don’t like it at all.

So… More practice.  Keep going.   I’ll get better.

Given that I could send okay before, I’m wondering whether this is something to do with moving my sending from conscious to unconscious, and I’ve got two mechanisms in my head/body fighting over which mechanism is doing the sending.  Some stress and it gets all out of whack.

So, apologies if I work you and I end up beating a hasty retreat with garbled sending.  I’ll get better with more practice.

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