My Sending “Wall”

This CW thing is curious.  My sending seems to have gone to pieces, and it seems to happen mid-QSO.   So this is what I see:  I get part-way through a QSO fine, then make a couple of errors, and the nerves mount and my sending goes to bits like I’m unable to put a single word together without the errors accumulating.   Same for straight key and paddle.  Ugh.  I don’t like it at all.

So… More practice.  Keep going.   I’ll get better.

Given that I could send okay before, I’m wondering whether this is something to do with moving my sending from conscious to unconscious, and I’ve got two mechanisms in my head/body fighting over which mechanism is doing the sending.  Some stress and it gets all out of whack.

So, apologies if I work you and I end up beating a hasty retreat with garbled sending.  I’ll get better with more practice.


  1. Hi Graeme,

    You may remember me, I _think_ I tried teaching you morse code back in NZ(?) during the early ’80’s, and caught up with you again in Perth ’86…

    Would be good to get an email to catch up on the past few years!

    Cheers, Luke.

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